Lighting Design Services​​​

We offer over 30 years of knowledgeable services in lighting design build, for homeowners. Our expert guidance can help make certain your lighting will not only look great but will also distribute light adequately for the needs of the room. Whether you decide to go with recessed cans, chandeliers, or pendants, decorative lighting is probably the most important accessory when remodeling.

Troubleshooting & Repair

Electrical problems in a home or office requires and experienced detailed approach to identifying the root cause of the problem.  Our electricians are trained and experienced to insure a safe quality repair

​Home Generator Installation

During a power outage, an emergency backup generator is what you want. These are also known as standby generators. It is a permanent emergency backup generator installed outdoors of your home and runs from an independent power source, typically natural gas. Because it is attached to your homes power source its ready at all times to automatically begin supplying your home with electricity when a power failure occurs, even if you’re away from home. It will allow essential electrical appliances such as sump pumps, air conditioners, furnaces, heaters, refrigerators, as well as lights remain on.

Service Call - Installation Items

Switch (singe pole, 3-way, and 4-way) Cable Outlet, Data Outlet, Telephone Outlet, Receptacle (Standard, GFI), Dedicated Circuits, Relocation of Switch or Receptacle, Lighting Fixture Outlet (rough-in, wiring, install), Appliance Circuits, Appliance Connections (electrical appliances), Ceiling Fan, Recessed Can, Under Cabinet Lighting, Over Cabinet Lighting, Restroom Vent Fan (duct work not included), Service Upgrade, Sub Panel, Smoke and CO Detectors, Surge Protection.

Lighting Design Services​​​

Our experienced and professional technicians install lights in retail stores, restaurants, office buildings, home offices and more. Inefficient lighting has no business in your business. We can even update your inefficient incandescent office lighting to LED lights, which use up to 80% less power. Let BTB help to create the lighting necessary to help promote focus and productivity in your office space. We have many cost effective ideas for lighting improvement.

New Construction & Build Out

BTB will work closely with construction companies and architects to ensure clients are provided with ample lighting and access to power. Our project manager and chief estimator work together to assure the load distribution of the electrical system is wired efficiently to meet the clients needs.

Troubleshooting and Code Repairs

Electrical problems can be a business’s worst nightmare.

Time and money are lost when you have to put your customers needs on pause while you try to solve the problem. BTB will investigate your problem and solve it as quickly as possible for you. We offer our clients preventative tips as well as electrical modification ideas to forestall future problems. We are here to work with you and your budget to ​get you out of an unexpected tough spot. We can assist with code violation repairs, as well as restorations services after storms, fires or floods.

Commercial Electrical Services

Commercial Real Estate Maintenance, Capital Improvements, Efficient Lighting Design & Upgrade New Construction, Build Outs, Troubleshooting Experts, Code Violation, Repairs, Emergency Lighting, EXIT Sign Lighting, Back-up Generators.



Emergency Service Calls

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