Emergency Service Calls

224-757-5784 Ext. 303

By Lake Villa Residential Service Relocation Client:

Hi Bill...I appreciate your crew's excellent work yesterday, they were efficient and knowledgeable, explaining what they were doing...job well                  done...thank you!

By A Happy Customer in Evanston:

​I did want to pass along that Mike is fantastic! Mike led the crew that installed our solar panels at the end of 2021. He was so straightforward and helpful during the solar panel installation that we asked for his company card for any future electrical work. Fast forward to today and that's how we wound up calling you. And then to round it all out, Mike was leading the crew here today again! He's got great customer service skills and both times now your crew has done great work. I just wanted to pass that along, because with the solar install we didn't have a choice of contractor, but Mike left such a good impression we knew we'd go with BTB for any future work.   
Thanks again!